I Co-Wrote a Christian Devotional and Here’s Why I’m NOT Qualified

Caught sneaking popsicles at age 2

I co-wrote a Christmas devotional.

We signed with a publisher.

Our book is available for purchase.

Now that I have stated the obvious and very exciting news, I would like to address a question I’m certain some people might have, especially people that know me.  In fact, I am pondering this question as well. Here it is:

Why am I qualified to write a devotional book?

I’m more than happy to address this reasonable and valid question. And you might be surprised, but my answer will only require two tiny words. Here we go.


I am not qualified to write a devotional book.

I haven’t been to seminary.

I don’t have an English degree*.

I am a sinner**.

There, I said it. I am a sinner. In fact, I’m sorry to say that I have been a sinner my entire life. I’ve sinned during all my yesterdays, I have sinned today, and God help me, I will sin again tomorrow. This will not come as a surprise to anyone who has ever spent time with me; I can actually hear some of you snickering even as you read.

While the reality of my shortcomings makes me unbelievably sad and often I feel ashamed and even defeated, there is good news. I am something else besides a sinner, something much more important: I am forgiven.

I am forgiven.

Of all the unacceptable things I’ve thought, said, or done over time, each and every one of these things is forgiven. I believe I am forgiven because of Jesus, God’s Son, who came to Earth in the form of a man, was killed by crucifixion as prophesied, and rose from the dead after three days. Because of His life, death, and resurrection, my sin is erased and I am now welcome at the throne of God forever. What an enormous relief! There’s so much joy and freedom in experiencing the love of Jesus and having a relationship with Him.

But I’m not here to preach. I’m here to admit that the only thing that qualifies me to write a devotional book is my belief in and love for Jesus Christ, God’s Son, my Savior.

That’s it. That’s all I have.

So please know that while I feel woefully unqualified to have co-authored this book, I am grateful to have the privilege of sharing the comfort, hope, and promises of Jesus through CHRISTMAS MATTERS – How The Birth of Jesus Makes a Difference Every Day. We invite you to join us beginning December 1 as we celebrate a Christmas season filled with the love of Christ.


*However, I did win the 9th grade English award thanks to my teacher, Ms. Kling. So there’s that.

**My co-author Anna gave me permission to reveal that she, also, is a sinner.

To learn more about CHRISTMAS MATTERS or to purchase the book, visit our website ChristmasMattersBook.

4 thoughts on “I Co-Wrote a Christian Devotional and Here’s Why I’m NOT Qualified

  1. Katy,
    Thank you for being so open and putting yourself out there. I’m so excited for you and Anna, and I can’t wait to read the book. I, too, am a sinner saved by the mercy, grace and love of my Heavenly Father, through the perfect, redeeming and reconciling sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. All praise, honor and glory to His holy name!

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  2. This made me smile and cry. I love the reminder that we are all sinners but thankfully forgiven and saved by Jesus. Your writing is so honest, funny and encouraging.

    Liked by 1 person

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