It’s Been a Year and I Need to Apologize

It’s been a year since it happened.
And it’s taken a year for me to apologize.

It was the beginning of last summer, Memorial Day weekend, and I was at Lake Martin, near Auburn, Alabama, probably my favorite place on earth. This is where my family goes to slow down, catch up, and put a flame to that green egg. We’ve been lake people for fifteen years and it feels like home. But one year ago, something curious happened while we were there.

Leelee got sick.


Allow me to back up. Ten years ago, my youngest son asked for a dog. I was not surprised, all little boys want a puppy, don’t they? No worries, I thought, I knew how to handle this. He was my third son and I was an expert on boys. We’d get a fish or a turtle or a hermit crab and all would be well. I was strong. I could say no, or so I thought. But I thought wrong. I couldn’t resist this time, and I couldn’t resist this son. He was convinced, he was persistent, and he was perfectly relentless—he still is, by the way–and he wore me down like an old tire.  He won.

Enter Leelee.

Let me tell you about Leelee. She was a nine-year-old (my husband says she was eight, but that’s not important) miniature schnauzer. At eleven pounds, eight inches tall, she wasn’t the cutest dog ever (yes, schnauzers are the ones with the beard/mustache combo), or the smartest dog ever (sit and shake-yes, rollover-not on your life), but we thought she was the best dog ever. She was a tiny, black ball of soft, furry love.

Leelee was a survivor.

She lived in five different houses with us-we’ve moved an awful lot-and somehow survived the doggy perils that came with each. She survived the ground-shaking wrestling matches of three small boys and one large dad. She survived falling off a Sea-Doo before she could swim. She survived Dobermans and German Shepherds and a Rottweiler. She survived a face-to-face confrontation with a snake, thanks to my uncle in Mobile. She survived the ALLIGATORS IN DOG RIVER (also in Mobile), and most recently, she survived the COYOTES THAT LURK AROUND THE CHATTAHOOCHEE. And her good fortune was not because I was a good doggy mom. I probably was not. But I always made sure my cellphone number was attached to her person in case of emergency. That’s something, right? So you see, Leelee was a survivor. She was a soft bundle of needy love who somehow, for nine years (eight?) trotted away from danger unconcerned and unscathed. All she required was food, a round bed, and love. And that was what she got.

But then Leelee got sick.

To be clear, it was not unusual for Leelee, to get sick. From the moment she joined our family, she would get car sick, she would eat things out of the yard and get sick, and she would especially get sick if we fed her off the table. So when Leelee became sick at the lake last May, I thought nothing of it. Just put her on the hardwoods if she starts to throw up, I constantly reminded my family. Cleanup is much easier that way, am I right? But one day of sick stretched into several and I was concerned. We came back to Atlanta and I took her to the vet where they performed test after test after expensive test, none of which showed any IMG_0523type of problem. She was perfectly healthy. There was nothing wrong and no explanation for her illness. Long, painful story short, less than a week later she died. Just like that, she was gone. And I was a wreck. Talk about an ugly cry. I’d watched her suffer, unable to help her, unable to fix her, and it crushed me. It was, in a word, excruciating. For Leelee, and for me.

Fast-forward a full year, and here’s where the apology comes in. I had no idea that losing a pet was so painful. That’s crazy, right? Definitely. I’ve actually wondered in the past how someone could get so upset over a dog passing away. It’s just an animal, not a person, correct? Incorrect, and as I now know, completely and totally wrong. I know that precious pup is a living, breathing creature that becomes part of your family and your life, and that has intelligence and emotion and can love and be loved. I didn’t before, but I realize all of this now. So, I’m sorry I didn’t understand the importance of a beloved pet, and I’m sorry I didn’t get the pain of losing one. Believe me, I get it now. And to all you dog lovers out there, I get you now. And I love that you love your dogs. And mostly I love that you are brave and optimistic enough to adopt another dog after the former one is gone. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m working on it.

What really happened to Leelee?

Here’s my best I’m-no-veterinarian guess: I believe she swallowed a shard of glass that tasted good to her and that didn’t show on the x-rays or scans, and it perforated her esophagus/trachea. At first she couldn’t eat, then she couldn’t drink, and finally she couldn’t breathe. It was pitiful, brutally so and it still hurts to revisit what she went through. But thankfully, time does heal, at least with the loss of a dog, and after twelve months I feel better.cardinal-perched-on-branch-pc-wallpaper

Now, exactly one year later, I sit watching a bright red cardinal outside my window and I have to wonder if the legend is true, the one that says this striking bird represents the spirit of a lost loved one. Who really knows, but if nothing else, it’s a lovely coincidence that makes me smile. So today, I send respect out to all you dog lovers, and I hope you’re enjoying those sand-papery or slobbery licks to the face, because as I now understand, dogs are loved ones too.

18 thoughts on “It’s Been a Year and I Need to Apologize

  1. I just discovered your blog- what a sad and beautiful tale. You know how much I love dogs, and how many I have had. It never gets any easier when they die, but they give so much joy when they are with you, that I always get another one. We now have a Springer Spaniel puppy, who is wild and destructive, but so cute, funny and full of love. Do think about a new one- but not a puppy!

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  2. Katy, you have a talent for blog writing. I really get it and miss Leelee too. Always greeted me at the door with love when I visited. You know John is right on the 8 yrs old. I mean, what were you thinking? 😀
    Miss you guys!

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  3. Hi Katy…I loved this. We have two dogs and I love them so much. The whole family does. In some ways they give us what we as humans don’t give enough of….love and loyalty and steadfastness. I so get your story, and I understand it taking a year. I do believe that another dog can fill that dog shaped hole in your heart!

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    1. That’s so true, Ben, about love, loyalty and steadfastness. We could learn a thing or three from our pets! And yes, that dog-shaped hole is likely to be filled in the near future. Hugs and kisses to your pups.


  4. Katy, we had to put my little Cavalier, Honey, to sleep two weeks ago yesterday. I haven’t said a word about it to anyone but my closest friends and family because a friend lost her 54 year old husband two days before. I couldn’t bear to have her see anyone giving me sympathy for the death of my little dog. But it was brutal. He was my baby….followed me everywhere, walked with me every day, slept by my side, licked my knees when I was in the bathroom for heaven’s sake! Thank you for giving me a little space to safely say that it was a terrible loss.

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  5. Oh Katy, as soon as I finish writing this comment I’m going to find Nate for a rub down. Hooray for non-dog people like me who have ended up wanting a bumper sticker that says, “I love my labradoodle.” ❤

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  6. Crying!!! Well said, Katy! I’m so sorry about LeeLee. I have to think you were possibly maybe probably thinking about some of us dog peeps down in Mobile when you wrote this.

    P. S. Our cat is an Auburn graduate! She recently spent 3 weeks in water treadmill therapy etc learning how to walk again after being paralyzed. She’s there now for summer school and doing fabulous!

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    1. Yes, I was thinking about you and your parents when I wrote this, for sure. Y’all are the biggest dog lovers I know! And your dad is the one who saved Leelee from the snake. Hope your large pack of pups is doing well! And the War Eagle cat, that’s a hoot. Here’s to a full recovery and hoping the dogs will welcome her into the fold.


  7. Oh Katy, tears were rolling down my face as I read this…we lost Lola right before leelee and Juneau right after that and I remember the range of emotions that those painful “Phyical and Emotional” months brought to our family that only dog lovers get. Please don’t apologize for not getting that . Until you’ve been on the journey with a fur baby you can’t get it. They become a part of your life and your children’s lives. Having pets of any kind brings such joy (and also such pain when they are gone)
    Please, please keep blogging…I get so excited to read your post…one because you are a fabulous writer and the other is although we don’t get to see each other as much as we like, it makes me feel near to you…I love you dear and precious friend!!

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    1. I knew you, of all people, would understand. And I’m so sorry about Lola and Juneau. It really is such a physical and emotional hurt after they’re gone. Thanks for following my blog and I love you too, sweet friend.


  8. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful and heart wrenching, all at the same time. What a perfect post. You are such a good dog mom….. LeeLee was the best dog. We still talk about her.

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